Downloading Heaven is a discipleship course for the heart hungry for more yet finding it hard to articulate that need.

This is a 6-week encounter with God via a bible-based curriculum focused on developing a living relationship with God as Father. A relationship that ensures an understanding of who you are and who God is.

You will be discipled into the ways of God and His Kingdom. You will be rigorously trained in the spiritual disciplines for the development of habits that will sustain you for the work of the Kingdom.

The consistent testimony we get from prior participants in the course is an ignition in their prayer life, increased understanding of scriptural revelation and a burning desire to step into the plan and purpose of God.

Changed lives, is what is guaranteed. A life so changed that influencing the transformation of the world around you becomes your sole desire.

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This course is for you if:

Downloading heaven is the flagship course of the Gracesofull Learning Hub (a ministry expression of Yemisi Vese) a place to increase in the knowledge of God and to learn about the truths of God’s Word only through the lens of the Spirit and not religion.

The weekly sessions are designed to help you be:


Course Delivery Methods


Video/Audio Content


Course Duration

6 weeks, broken down as follows:

Registration: 20th December – 9th January

Onboarding mails and other information: From 9th January

Classes: 16th January – 20th February

Live webinar dates: To be communicated

Program Close: 21st February

You will have access to all course materials for one year after the end of the classes.

Curriculum / Course Details

Week 1 – Your Identity

This module gives you revelation into who you are in Christ, the differences between your fleshly identity and spiritual identity. You will learn to live from the right identity.

Week 2 – The Nature of God

This module is to help you shed the wrong image you have had about God and to let you see from a deep dive into scriptures who God really is.

Week 3 – Biblical Meditation and Journaling

This module shows us how to hear from God clearly through scripture and how to properly steward and document revelation received.

Week 4 - The Kingdom Agenda

This module will teach us whose agenda is important, why souls are the most important resource and why your real purpose is the Kingdom of God’s purpose.

Week 5 - Prayer Posture/Praying from Identity

This module will teach the correct way to pray for a deeper relationship with God and to enforce His agenda upon the earth.

Week 6 – Victorious Living (Entering the Promises)

This module will introduce you to the way of life of a believer, to help you understand that you are meant to live everyday from victory; in full possession of the promises in every way. This module breaks down for you what a victorious mindset entails and how it translates to living a life of victory as a believer.

Bonus Webinars:

  • Dream Class – A deep dive into what our dreams mean and how this is a tool through which God speaks to His people.
  • Introduction to the Prophetic Lifestyle – This is an introduction into hearing God, not just for yourself but for the world around you.

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At the end of Downloading Heaven course, you would

Meet the lead instructor

Yemisi Vese

Yemisi is a prophetic teacher of the gospel with the grace to teach the Word of God in a simple and relatable manner.

She is called to teaching and discipling people from the milk of the Word into full maturity. This mandate she expresses through her Gracesofull Mentoring Platform (Facebook and Telegram),
Gracesofull Learning Hub (Online Course Platform) and Samuel’s Company, the prophetic community.

You can find her online on her website and social media platforms daily sharing the word of God for the transformation of lives and for shaping culture.

Reviews From Past Students

The discipleship class was for 6 weeks and from the introductory session/first module on my Identity my perspective had changed of who I was which was a very important foundation. If I didn’t know who I was, I wasn’t going to value or accept all that was going to be imparted to me and my relationship with God would be affected. In those 6 weeks my spiritual capacity grew everyday. I saw myself gravitating to God’s word and latching onto it dearly. I got to know how much I needed it and feed on it. My mind was renewed constantly day by day. I realised that Sin, fear, sickness and all that came with the devil has no hold on or place in me. I got to love prayer and hunger for praying. That is a testimony in itself. Now, I look for prayer gatherings. I’ve seen God work through my prayers and cannot even joke with it.
Lisa Omoragbon
Medical Student
I have been saved since 1990 but attending "Downloading Heaven" created an awesome awakening in me with a renewed reinvigorated passion for walking in the spirit and enforcing the will of God in my life everyday.
Honestly, Downloading Heaven reawakened in me the desire to live and walk in the spirit and deliberately laying aside the weight and sin that held me back. Life has not been the same again. You know, my conscience came alive again!
Uzoechina Molokwu

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get access to the course by January 15.

You would be given personalised access to the course area and all your classes and videos
will be hosted there. All modules, workbooks and other resources will be there.

You will have access to the course for 12months after it is concluded.
Yes, it is online only. It is available for all anywhere in the world with internet.
Yes, we offer prophetic training via Samuel’s Company. Also, other discipleship and ministry training will be hosted on the program at more advanced levels than this. Watch out as we increase.
  • Online via the learning platform.
  • Webinars would hold via Zoom or any other webinar platform

January 16, 2021.

There are no installment plans available for this course.
Refunds are not available for this program right now. Please be sure before making payment

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